Spreading Love
in the Name of
Radha Krishna Organization

Spreading Krishna Consciousness & Religious Awareness

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                             SHREE SANATAN DHAM                                                 SHREE KRISHNA PRANAMI MANDIR                          Based in Houston, Texas

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Shree Sanatan Dham Temple

Radha Krishna Organization (a Texas nonprofit corporation) runs the Shree Sanatan Dham temple in Clear Lake Area, Texas, to benefit the local community interested in the Hindu faith. We are not directly affiliated with any religious organizations abroad.

We plan and execute programs following traditional religious scriptural procedures associated with festivals and provide religious discourses related to the celebrations.

The organization also offers social services to the community, such as socio-religious programs for adults and youth and developing assistance services for the disabled and elderly. Our Social Service Program seeks to provide an atmosphere of learning while blending Hindu and American cultures. We are a Hindu temple in Houston committed to building our growing community in the Clear Lake, Texas, area and Houston, and its surroundings.